What Can We Support You

Authorized Agent

We are currently looking for agents and distributors worldwide and this is an excellent opportunity to work with us.

OEM & ODM Service

We specialize in OEM manufacturing and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


Look for cost-effective materials that can be used to create your non woven fabric without compromising quality or sustainability.

Distribution & Brand Agency

What's our agent

As a GUIDE brand agent, you have been granted permission to use the GUIDE brand name to sell GUIDE products in your local market. Additionally, you may use the GUIDE brand name for other business activities that are related to the sale of GUIDE products, such as marketing and promotional efforts.

Our Agent's advantage

1. Opportunity for growth and development

2. Lucrative commissions and incentives
3. Strong brand reputation
4. Comprehensive product portfolio
5. Flexibility and autonomy

How to become our agent

Contact the us to express your interest in becoming an agent. You may need to submit a formal application.


Once you have completed the training or certification process, you will be ready to begin representing the organization or company as an agent.


We are willing to work with you to grow your business from small to large. We have many successful cases.

It's time to be our agent

Being our agent offers a great opportunity for professional growth, financial success, and personal fulfillment. We value our agents and are committed to supporting them in every way possible.


We have over 18 years of rich OEM agricultural non woven fabric experience. We have worked with various customers to design and manufacture custom products that meet their unique specifications. Our team of engineers and technicians has deep technical expertise in product design, mold, testing, and production. We have successfully completed hundreds of OEM projects, and we are committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers. If you have customized needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Feature Customize

Due to different environments and usage methods, agricultural non woven fabrics can be customized with different special functions, such as color, hydrophilic, waterproof, anti-uv, etc.

Package Customize

We can customize the packaging of the product according to your requirements, and can also print your logo and pattern under your authorization.

Width Customize

We can customize agricultural non woven rolls in different widths.
However, different widths have different losses, and the price will also be affected.



Agricultural Non Woven Products Customization

How to customize agricultural non woven products?

There are 2 ways:


The first is that you send us your product sample, and we produce products according to your sample requirements.


The second is that you tell us the product requirements (including product width, color, characteristics, etc.) and product applications, and we will send samples according to your product requirements or make samples according to product requirements.


Not all agricultural non woven products can be perfectly replicated. Our production technicians will debug the machine to produce your products according to their experience.